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Thought Leadership Content: Why it Matters More Than Ever

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Thought Leadership Content: Why it Matters More Than Ever

The damn point in 10 words max: Not just a buzzword-your business needs thought leadership content.

You would have to live under a rock not to be aware of the rise of thought leadership.

You may have even dismissed the strategy as nothing but the latest buzzword out of the marketing industry. But here we are years down the track, and not only is thought leadership standing strong—it’s proving to be the most brand-differentiating tool in a company’s content strategy.

In today’s hyper-competitive digital landscape, thought leadership content matters more than ever.

Why thought leadership deserves your attention 

Thought leadership, when done well, can distinguish your business as an industry leader.

However, contrary to popular belief, it requires a lot more than merely offering your opinion on a topic.

A successful thought leadership strategy delivers genuine and authentic content that shares your expertise, insights, and experiences in a manner that resonates with consumers. It provides value to the audience and encourages connection.

But how does thought leadership work its magic in differentiating your business from competitors?

Breaks through the noise 

The internet is supposed to be a sprawling expanse of humanity’s collective knowledge and creativity, yet it increasingly feels like the same tired content is being regurgitated ad nauseam.

Content clutter is a real and present danger, and businesses must be strategic in breaking through the noise.

Your audience is craving original authentic content—well-crafted writing that is thought-provoking, insightful, and adds value to their life.

Sharing your unique perspective and expertise in a way that resonates with the audience can distinguish your business from competitors.

People don’t want to read another generic “5 ways to grow your business” article. Instead, they want to know your story, the obstacles you’ve overcome, and how your creativity and knowledge have elevated you as an industry leader.

Establishes trust and credibility 

Providing valuable insights, opinions, and expert advice on trends in your industry demonstrates your knowledge and expertise. Thought leadership content allows you to establish credibility and trust.

Trust is an essential step in the consumer journey, and it’s not just formed on expertise alone. Consumers want to feel a connection to your business which is only built through authentic, original content.

In fact, according to research by Edelman, 65% of people trust brands that provide thought leadership content more than those that don’t.

Drives organic traffic 

Over 91% of organizations that use thought leadership in their marketing strategy do so through articles and blogs for one very good reason…

Thought leadership content plays an important role in your SEO strategy and drives organic traffic.

Quality content that features valuable opinions, insights, and expertise is more likely to be shared and referenced in other articles. This has the potential to increase backlinks to your website, sending referral traffic to your page and improving your ranking on search engines.

Enhances lead generation 

Research from Gartner shows that 83% of a purchasing decision—researching solutions, options, and benchmarking pricing—happens before the consumer interacts directly with the provider.

More decisions are being made digitally, and thought leadership content influences the purchasing process.

The Thought Leadership Impact Study conducted by Edelman and LinkedIn explored the behavior of decision-makers after engaging with a piece of thought leadership.

  • 42% invited the organization to bid on a project (when the company was not in their potential options prior to reading the thought leadership piece)
  • 48% awarded business to the organization responsible for the thought leadership.
  • 53% increased the amount of business they did with the organization.
  • 54% purchased a new product or service that they had not previously considered buying.

Successful thought leadership content can influence brand perception and consumer behavior, significantly enhancing lead generation.

What if my brand is new to the industry? 

It’s not unusual for small businesses or new brands to feel like thought leadership is reserved for corporate giants.

My answer is—don’t sell yourself short!

Your business journey is unique, and you have valuable knowledge to share. Everything you need to create quality thought leadership content is within you, and it’s a surefire way to establish yourself in the market.

If you don’t believe your voice can have an impact, check out these statistics:

  • 47% of buyers say that thought leadership led them to discover and purchase from a company that was not considered a leader in the industry.
  • 57% of buyers state that thought leadership builds awareness for a new brand.
  • 53% of buyers say it’s important for new and small businesses to produce thought leadership if they want buyers to consider working with them.
  • 60% of buyers state that thought leadership builds credibility where the brand is not well known.

Find your voice 

For your business to stand out amongst the digital noise—you have to find your voice.

Creating quality thought leadership content is more important than ever. Consumers are seeking meaningful relationships with the brands they support, and sharing your story and expertise facilitates that trust and connection.

If you are juggling a million tasks (what business owner isn’t?) and are short on time, or maybe you find the thought of writing content daunting, don’t stress—we’ve got you covered!

Em Dash can help you develop a thought leadership strategy unique to your business.

From ideation through to distribution, we’ll work with you to ensure your voice, experience, and story are expertly communicated so that you can cement your position as an industry leader.